What Are My Options For Fences? 

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What Are My Options For Fences? 

When it comes to fences, there’s no one-size-fits-all. Choosing the right fence for your Albemarle County property comes down to your unique needs and wants. If you’re asking yourself, “What kind of fence would be best for _____,” you’ve come to the right place. We’re taking a look at the best fence options for a variety of needs. 

Fences for Seclusion & Privacy

Your backyard is a private oasis where you can escape during your downtime. Achieving the peace of a secluded yard can be accomplished with the right privacy fence.

    • Wood Privacy Fence: Wood fences are a great option for homeowners on a budget due to their low initial cost. Keep in mind that you may have to sacrifice your weekends for upkeep because wood is susceptible to rot and splintering. 
    • Vinyl Privacy Fence: A vinyl privacy fence is one of the best investments you’ll make for your home. High-quality manufacturers assemble their vinyl privacy fences using interlocking panels that securely snap together. Plus, vinyl is made to last and will never require more than a simple hose-down to look great for decades. 

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Enhance Pool Safety

Did you know that most states in the U.S. require some type of fence around a residential pool? Virginia is no exception. If your Albemarle County pool needs a fence, here are some suggestions.

    • Vinyl Privacy Fence: Privacy may be a must-have depending on your proximity to neighbors. Higher-end vinyl privacy fences are made with interlocking panels that won’t separate or gap.
    • Vinyl Picket Fence: Vinyl is one of the best choices for pool fencing due to its moisture resistence. You’ll never have to worry about warping and splintering.
    • Aluminum Fence: Aluminum metal fences boost security and blend in with their surroundings. The military-grade powder coating makes aluminum metal fences highly resistant to rust and damage.

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Establish Property Lines

If you have expansive acreage and want to create a boundary to contain livestock and deter trespassers, you need a cost-effective, low-maintenance fence:

    • Vinyl Split Rail Fence: Also known as post-and-rail fencing, this maintenance-free solution exudes rustic charm.

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Keep Kids & Pets Contained

Do you need fencing solely to keep the little ones and pets in the yard but aren’t concerned about privacy?

    • Chain Link Fence: Available at most big-box stores, chain link fences are low-cost and low-maintenance, but they detract from curb appeal. In fact, many HOAs don’t allow chain link fences because they are considered unsightly. 
    • Vinyl Picket Fence: Perhaps the most attractive option, a vinyl picket fence is charming and durable.
    • Vinyl Yard Fencing: This no-frills, economical solution will look good for decades and requires little upkeep.

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Increase Security

Taller fences made of durable materials are best for security. They should also have open sightlines so intruders can’t hide behind them.

    • Chain Link Fence: Although chain link is unattractive, it is available with smaller openings between the mesh, making them difficult to climb. Adding barbed wire at the top increases security even more. 
    • Metal Fence: Ornamental wrought iron and aluminum fences are attractive options to boost security. Some are even available with curved, spiked, or diamond-topped designs.

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Boost Curb Appeal 

The white picket fence is synonymous with the American Dream for a reason. It symbolizes the tradition and simplicity of a well-kept suburban neighborhood. The picket fence is a lovely addition to landscaping and ultimately enhances the aesthetic of your Albemarle County home.

    • Vinyl Picket Fence: Available in endless colors and styles, vinyl picket fences withstand the elements and are virtually maintenance-free. 
    • Wooden Picket Fence: Although wood fences have a lower upfront cost and usually look great for the first few months, the time and money you’ll spend on upkeep may not make them the best choice. 


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