What Type of Fence Should I Buy?

Vinyl Fencing

Your Harrisonburg Fence Can Provide Many Features.

There are multiple fence options to consider for your Harrisonburg property. Depending on your needs, location and style, your fence can serve many purposes. Here are some options to consider:

  • Privacy Fence: Densely packed homes feel more private and secure with a tall vinyl privacy fence to shield you from your neighbors. These are especially nice for homes with pools. We’ll help you determine the appropriate height.
  • Semi-Privacy Fence: For those who don’t want to completely block out the neighbors, these options provide some privacy. Lattice or spoke-style accents add visual interest to a fairly traditional vinyl option.
  • Picket Fence: These charming vinyl fences help keep kiddos and pets in your yard without seriously obstructing your view. Consider a puppy picket to keep small dogs contained.
  • Aluminum Fencing: If you love the look of wrought iron, our aluminum fencing options will fit the bill with less maintenance and at a lower cost. Surround your property, pool, or even add railing to your deck with these high-end options.
  • Ranch Style Fencing: You’ve seen this style around rural and/or wooded homes. Some Harrisonburg homes are tucked into the woods and these 2 or 3-rail options look historical and appropriate.
  • Ranch Style With Cross Buck: These vinyl options start with a 2, 3, or 4-rail set-up. We then add a cross detail between the rails to add visual interest.

See Your Options In Person!

Our showroom is the perfect place to check out the materials, styles and details that distinguish your fencing. You can see the colors, finishes, and post caps that add functional style to your home. Plus, our experienced team will walk you through your options and provide detailed information you may not have considered. Ready to learn more about your Harrisonburg fence options? Stop by our Mt. Crawford location to get more information.

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