The Top 3 Questions To Ask Your Harrisonburg Fence Company!

vinyl fencing from your local fence company

Choosing A Harrisonburg Fence Company Is Easy When You Know What To Ask.

People usually think that choosing a fence company is easy. They think that one trip to a big-box store will provide all the information and options they need to start their project. For a select few, that may be the case. For most people, though, choosing the right material and installation takes time. We recommend you work with a business, like Dutch Way, that focuses primarily on fencing products and ask them these three questions to get started:

  • What Products Do You Recommend? There is a significant difference between this question and the question, “what products do you offer?” Established businesses with experience in their industry know the products that work and those that don’t. Whether you’re looking at vinyl or aluminum options, there are so many manufacturers from which to choose. A reputable and experienced fence company will help you navigate your options to make an informed decision.
  • What Does Your Quotation Include? Most experienced contractors provide written quotations that clearly list the services included in the job scope. When there is confusion, follow-up with the fence company. For example, ask these questions when the information is not detailed in the written quotation:
    • Does this quotation include the removal of an existing fence?
    • Will you apply for the permit, or do I need to?
    • Who needs to contact Miss Utility to identify areas with underground cables?
  • What Is Your Warranty? Warranties fall into two categories: manufacturers’ warranties and labor warranties. The fabricator of the product backs a manufacturer’s warranty. For example, Key-Link Fencing makes some of our aluminum products. They offer a lifetime warranty on their product and a 5-year prorated warranty on labor to replace the fence. Many contractors provide a 1-year labor warranty on their installation. Clarify these details before you hire your fence company.

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